Welcome to Evert Nijzink wine production.

Many years ago I arrived in New Zealand to start a new life. The country appealed and the prospect of being able to make a great product from start to finish became my focus.

The bug got me after a vintage in Bordeaux in 1988 and since then I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people, both in New Zealand and internationally.

Over the years I have been involved with large and boutique wineries, growing processing facilities and acquiring brand recognition. I have made a wide range of varietals in different parts of the world and hope to be able to use this knowledge to bring success to many more inspired vineyards and wineries.

Sustainable practices make good sense, and I integrate these into the management of vineyard and winery. With training in mechanical engineering I can tailor solutions for your operation.

Success in business means profitability, a minimal impact on our environment and enjoyment in what we achieve.

From vineyard to bottle, we can help you with successful wine production anywhere on any scale.

  • Vineyard planning and varietal choices
  • Winery design
  • Process analysis
  • Vineyard and winery costings
  • Equipment selection
  • Vintage planning
  • Contract winemaking services
  • Blending and pre-bottling work
  • Bulk wine purchase and composition
  • Sustainability standards

With over twenty years experience in the wine industry in New Zealand and internationally, we can help you create a sustainable vineyard and winery business.