The consultancy

We offer the following services:

Setting up a vineyard/winery:

  • Work from start to choose a site and suitable varietal/clonal choices.
  • Setting parameters for vineyard (conventional or organic) and winery development.
  • Building a winery and choosing the right equipment.


  • General winemaking contract. We discuss your wine styles and finished product requirements early in the season, and we can follow that through to the bottle.
  • Harvest parameters and analysis.
  • Choice of fermentation methods and vintage products (including oak) purchase.
  • Blending and bottling decisions.
  • Packaging choices.
  • Any step of the growing and winemaking process on its own.

Process analysis for new and existing wineries:

We have extensive experience in reducing energy and water use in winery processing, while still achieving the highest possible outcome. With a background in mechanical engineering I can help evaluate your processing methods and look at ways to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification for SWNZ, WSMP and ISO and PAS2050