Winemaking Equipment

We are the sole importers of Socma equipment in New Zealand. This innovative winery equipment is developed and build in the south of France.

Cube front view

With several innovation awards to his name, Jo Ferrandez and his team keep finding new ways of grape handling and improving the quality of the processing. The latest equipment from the Socma stables is the "Cube".

Cube side view

The "Cube" is a revolutionary way of destemming and sorting, doing away with rotating cages and keeping the berries intact while eliminating rot and other MOG. The result is a machine that leaves little to sort at intake and will improve quality dramatically.

Two sizes Cube are available. A smaller 6 t/hr machine suitable for hand harvested fruit only, and a larger 10 t/hr machine that can easily be changed to handle hand as well as machine harvested grapes.

With its relatively small footprint, the “Cube” can easily be used in a conventional winery set-up.
Many of these machines have already been purchased by the top houses in France and around the world.

Enquire now for delivery before next vintage.

Turbo pigeur

The Turbo pigeur is one of the gentlest ways of pumping over red ferments and has several other uses, it is already in use by several New Zealand wineries.
References of current users on request.

For more information contact us, or visit the Socma website: